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Keith Wood Memorial Rally

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Keith Wood Memorial Rally

Sponsored by

Gazzard Accounts

At Three Sisters Circuit

Supplementary Regulations


High Moor Motor Club will promote a National B Permit Multi Use Keith Wood Memorial Rally sponsored by Roundabout Tyres on Sunday 4th October 2009 at Three Sisters Racing Circuit, MR 108/576007 ½

The Meeting will be ‘Held under the General Regulations of The Motor Sports Association Ltd (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and the Supplementary Regulations’, in addition to any other written instruction that the Organising Club may issue for the Event.



MSA Permit Number           -               TBA


Eligibility of Competitors

The event is open to: -

All fully elected members of the Organising club

Members of Clubs within ANWCC

Members of Clubs within SD34 MSG

All competitors must produce a valid Competition License and Club Membership Card and Championship Registration Card where applicable.

Membership of High Moor Motor Club is available – see entry form for details.



This event will be a round of the following championships: -

·          PEC Tyres ANWCC Stage Rally Championship

·          Slicks Tyres ANWCC Novice Stage Rally Championship

·          ANWCC All Rounder’s Championship

·          Tyres South Shore Ltd SD34 MSG Stage Rally Championship

·          SD34 MSG Inter Club League Championship

·          The 3 Sisters Rally Challenge 2008      



The Programme of the meeting will be as follows: -

Noise check opens at 09:59 hrs

Scrutineering opens at 07:15 hrs

Signing on opens at 07:30 hrs

First car starts at 10:00 hrs

Any competitor not signed on by 09:15 hrs may be excluded. Individual times for Scrutineering will be issued in the final instructions.


Event Format

The event will contain up to 12 stages with a mileage of approximately 24 miles. These stages will be timed to an accuracy of less than one minute in accordance with H195 Cars will start at 30-second intervals. This event will consist of 100 % tarmac stages.

The event will consist of four classes as follows: -

Class 1    Cars with engines up to and including 1300 cc

Class 2    Cars with engines 1301 and up to and including 1600 cc

Class 3  Cars with engines 1601 and up to and including 2000 cc

Class 4  Cars with engines 2001 cc and over.

All vehicles must comply with MSA Technical Regulations. Cars need not be taxed, but

current MOT certificates are required if applicable, together with MSA Log Book as per

H146. Cars with forced induction will have their capacity increased by 70% for classification.

A Sound Test will be carried out in conformity with H12 and C(b)24.

Your attention is drawn to: C(c)52-66, C(c)77-86 and C(c)87-100, MSA Vehicle Log Books

will also be required for inspection.

Your attention is drawn to C(e)9-14 and the regulations regarding permitted tyres. All

tyres contained with C(e)15 -16 are automatically authorised.

In view of environmental considerations, Anti-Lag systems must be disconnected.



1st          Overall Driver / Co-Driver                   Keith A. Wood Memorial Trophy

2nd         Overall Driver / Co-Driver                                   An Award

1st          In each Class Driver / Co-Driver                       An Award

2nd         In each Class Driver / Co-Driver                       An Award

3rd          In each Class Driver / Co-Driver                       An Award

1st          Novice Crew Driver / Co-Driver                         An Award

1st          Formula 1000 Driver / Co Driver                       An Award

A Novice Crew is one who has never won an overall or class award. No competitor may win more than one of the above awards. The awards will be presented at the venue following completion of the final results. Any competitor not at the presentation will not receive his/her award.



The entry list opens on publication of these regulations and closes on 26th September 2009. The entry fee will be charged at the following rates:

                Entry received by last post 19th September 2009…………. £135.00

                Entry received after 19th September 2009……….…….…... £145.00

The organisers reserve the right to impose a surcharge should there be any variation to the proposed charges.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that their entry is received by the due date. Any entries not paying the required fee will not receive paddock passes until required fees are paid.

All entries must be on the official entry form and accompanied by the appropriate fees. In the event of a cheque being returned by the bank as unpaid, the entry will be voided and the matter may be reported to the MSA.

The entry secretary to whom all entries must be sent to: -

Gary Heslop,  33 Acresfield Road, Middleton, Manchester, M24 2WT

Telephone 0161 643 0151  Mobile  07973 816965  email


If you need to telephone any officials, please do so 18:00hrs - 21:00 hrs. (or your return call may be at 2.00 am, seriously)

All cheques to be made payable to High Moor Motor Club. Entries will be refunded up to the closing date less £ 20.00 for administration, provided that written notification is received prior to the closing date.

After the closing date, entries will be refunded at the discretion of the organisers. The maximum entry for the meeting will be 65, the minimum is 30, and the minimum per class is 5. Should any of the above minimum figures not be reached the organisers have the right to either cancel the meeting or amalgamate classes as necessary. Entries will be selected at the discretion of the organisers.




MSA STEWARD                                   TBA

CLUB STEWARDS                              TBA

CLERK OF THE COURSE                 Gerry Morriss

ASST CLERK OF COURSE             Matt Dickson

SCRUTINEERS                                   Chris Mansley

Environmental Scrutineer   Ian Johnson

CHIEF TIMEKEEPER                          Gerry Morriss

CHIEF MARSHAL                                James White

CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER               Keith Knowles

RESCUE SERVICES                          Extractor Rescue

RECOVERY SERVICES                     Extractor

SAFETY OFFICER                               James White

SECRETARY OF MEETING               Gerry Morriss       

        07967 830210   




Provisional results will be posted as soon as possible after each stage. Any protest must be lodged in accordance with C (d)45-59. Competitors will be supplied with time cards and details of all special stages at signing on.

Servicing will be permitted only in the designated service areas.



Competitors will be identified by competition numbers, in accordance with C(b)6, supplied by

the Competitor, to be fixed to each door prior to scrutineering.


Timing and Controls

All digital clocks will be set to BBC time. Competitors will start special stages when called to do so. The starting signal will be a manual directive. The event will be timed in accordance with Target Timing. (H152)

It is a competitor’s responsibility to ensure that his time card is completed correctly and handed in when instructed. Organisers times and mileage’s will be deemed correct and will not be subject to protests. Any adjustments caused by a timekeeper’s error must be made at the control in question. Special stage timing will be by digital clocks operated by Marshal’s under the control of a Chief Timekeeper; such timing will be to the last complete second. The organisers reserve the right to use other methods should any digital clock fail



Penalties will be as printed in the appropriate section of the MSA General regulations except as modified below

Exceeding Maximum Lateness or Cumulative Maximum Lateness                                                         Exclusion

Not complying with a requirement of the road book.                                                                                    Stage maximum.

Not attempting or being ready to attempt a stage when instructed to do so.                                          Stage maximum.

For each minute over target time in a service area.    

First 5 Minutes                                                                                                                                                     No penalty

Over 5 minutes                                                                                                                                                    Exclusion

Excessive sound. Cars which in the opinion of the Clerk Of The Course

with the assistance of  the Environmental Scrutineer has excessive noise levels.              Exclusion

Failure to follow the instruction of an official           

First Offence                                                                                                                                                         Warning

Thereafter                                                                                                                                                             Exclusion

Repeated misbehavior of Service crew.                                                                                                       Exclusion

Misuse of SOS and / or OK boards                                                                                                                  Exclusion

Unauthorised testing or practice.                                                                                                                     Exclusion

Causing an obstruction.                                                                                                                                    Stage Maximum


Maximum Permitted Lateness

Reference H200                                                  Maximum time allowed will be 5 minutes.

Reference H201                                                  Maximum cumulative lateness will be 15 minutes



The use of FIA specification fuel (FIA Appendix J, Article 252, Article 9) will be permitted for use on this event. Competitors using fuel that does not comply with the MSA definition of pump fuel (Section P) must display an orange disk as per regulation C(b)19. Competitors are reminded that where entered in a championship that has not specified the use of FIA specification fuel, the use

of such fuel might affect their championship eligibility. If you are in doubt you should check with the championship co-ordinator.


Other Notices

Petrol is not available at the venue.

Any notice signed by the Clerk of the Course or the Secretary of the Meeting will have the same authority as these S.R.’s.

Final instructions will be posted in the week before the event to the address submitted on your entry form

Competitors must complete a damage declaration form in accordance with H248-249 K35.4 Competitors who retire are reminded that failure to submit this form to the Secretary of the Meeting within 72 hours of the finish may be Fined up to £ 100

Competitors causing damage to any third party property will be liable for any excess High Moor Motor Club has to pay to the MSA insurers and also any cost that is not covered by the Insurers.



Judges of Fact

The facts to be judged will be as listed in H140  All Named officials in these SR’s & Marshals and Officials recorded on the Official notice board will be deemed to have been appointed as Judges of Fact.





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