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Report by Al Bennett

Welsh Hill Rally 2003

Friday 3 October 10.05 am  Having received a telephone call to see if I can do some timekeeping on the WHR, in such short notice the task was set.  Having to work on Saturday and Sunday this needed to be sorted out. By one-o-clock I was all set. Now to go home and get the “big buz” ready to go and we would be off.

Having set off late, about 9 o-clock that night, Matt and I were on our way.

By 10 past 10 we had arrived on site where the ‘HMMC’ camp had been set up by Mr Gerry (shaken but not stirred) Morriss, and Mr Paul (can I have a brew) Monaghan.

The midnight oilcan was out, and the alcohol was to be consumed.

Paul was the first to fall at around 2am, followed by Matt (lets off road) Dickson about 3am, then Gerry and myself about 4.30am. 

Saturday 4 Oct. 9am We were met by typical Welsh weather. Wet and windy (nice!).

Neil (I love my sleeping bag) Morton and Chris (kebab) Campion arrived.

Anyway, we were off to stage 6. On arrival at the top of a ‘big welsh hill’ with more rain, time for a brew and a chat. Gerry was off in a 110 ‘landy’ for 12 miles of shakiness. Then they came V8’s a plenty, although, still no sign of Gerry. So, we stacked them, an racked them until Gerry (shaken)! came back 50 min’s later.

They were off at last. Well, wet and cold, we were off to stage 11, yet more rain and bacon bap’s, brews all round then rack um’ an stack um’ again, ah well life goes on !!! Well they went in the end, after a re-route. Then Matt & I went off to find some gas for “big buz”, to go cook some more bacon and eggs. Back to camp and burn some more of that midnight oil.

Then arrived Dannielle (special ops) Mycock, closely followed by Angie (lets party) Bennett and, the Alex (Tickpimp-motorsports) an Ruth! Well, time to burn that midnight oil. So, we did just that.


Sunday 5 Oct.  6.45.am. minus 5 degrees! Up with a brew and off to stage 16 with cars arriving at Arrival, we were forced to rack an stack them again.

It soon came to our attention that the persons that were doing Stop had not turned up? and had not informed anyone. Gerry ,by now was stirred (but not shaken), had to send Matt against the flow of rally traffic to get round to Stop in what was appalling weather, on his own, which he did to the best of his abilities.

With no safety plans, Gerry was now getting “quite stirred” and had to do a re-route of the course.

Well, they finally got under way at last, only 45 min’s late!

Our next stage should have been stage 23 (stage16 reversed) which was cancelled due to the mad welsh farmer, his land was getting far too churned up!. We were then asked if we could help with stage 24, which we did. No hold ups on this one thankfully. The weekend went quite well considering the weather and the sticky mud. A good time was had by most !!!

              Alan (dweeb) Bennett.



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